Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Write I Love You in Japanese


How to Write I Love You in Japanese

In Japanese, "love" is written as
Romaji : ai
Kanji :
Hiragana : あい

Thus, a direct translation of "I Love You" can be
Romaji : aishite imasu
Kanji : 愛しています
Hiragana : あいしています
[Images Source: Wikimedia Commons]
The "I Love You" you may hear in Japanese movies and drama serials is
Romaji : ai shiteru
Kanji : 愛してる
Hiragana : あいしてる
[Note: This version of "I love you" is usually only used between couples in a seriously committed relationship like marriage.]

Hence, a more commonly used and appropriate expression is "I like" :
Romaji : suki desu
Kanji : 好きです

or "I like very much" :
Romaji : daisuki
Kanji : だい好き

A less serious version of "I like you" is :
Romaji: sukidaiyo


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