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How to Write a Letter in Japanese


How to Write a Letter in Japanese

Many people do this to send a postcard to a Japanese penpal, friend or even long-lost family member. There was even a high-school student who was going to Japan for a student-exchange program, and wanted to write a letter to his host family to introduce himself.

Beginner's Way of Writing a Letter in Japanese

Here's a 'Simple 3-Step Approach' to write an informal letter to a friend in Japanese:

> Step 1. Start with a greeting and ice-breaker - show some concern for your friend by asking about their health, discuss the weather or send them some well-wishes.
* "Have you been doing well?" is a common way to start your letter.
Romaji : ogenki desu ka
Kanji : お元気ですか。
* "How have you been?"
Romaji : Ikaga osugoshi desu ka.
Kanji : いかがお過ごしですか。

> Step 2. Include the details of the purpose of your letter.

> Step 3. End of with parting words like
    * "I look forward to hearing from you." - very polite.
    Romaji : o-henji tanoshimi ni shite masu.
    Kanji : お返事を楽しみにしています

    * "Bye! Later!" - commonly used among teenagers. Casual.
    Romaji : Matane
    Hiragana : またね

    If you need other expressions used in letters, visit here.

    [Note: Don't worry if you don't know how to write in Kanji or Hiragana yet. It's ok to write your letter in Romaji. Your friend will be able to understand.]

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