Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vivian, a Canadian moving to Japan | Sharing HowtoWriteinJapanese.Blogspot.com with her

I came across this lady, Vivian, a Canadian who's moving from Montreal to Japan in November to teach & study. (It's interesting to me how her story reminds me of Robin, a character for the tv series 'How I Met Your Mother', who moved to Japan for work.)

She's doing her best to learn Japanese so I shared our site with her & recommended our free 6-day trial course for her to learn basic Japanese like Greetings, Introducing herself and also phrases to survive in Japanese. ^_^

What really touched me though, is her 'Love Letter to Japan' - a beautiful poem she wrote to express her feelings about going there. If you like poetry, you might want to check tt out. Wishing you love & joy, Vivian!

You can get the free 6-day trial course I mentioned earlier at: http://is.gd/3FOyE
Happy Japanizing!

via Google Alerts - learn japanese by Vivian on 9/25/09
I'll learn Japanese (I'll make a real effort and take classes), I'll be more outgoing, and I'll embrace Japanese food and culture instead of wishing I were home. Six more weeks in Montreal. I'm soaking up every little last bit of it. ...
Lost In Translation - http://vivianlostinseoul.blogspot.com/

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