Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hiragana Worksheet finally here!

This is a continuation of the previous post, How to write in Japanese - With the help of a Hiragana Table.

After trying to write out the Hiragana characters myself, I realise the untidiness of scribbling the characters across a blank paper. Therefore I've came out with the 'Hiragana Worksheet'!

Think you've got the best way of practicing Hiragana? Wait till you check my Hiragana Worksheet out.

Cool Features and Benefits:
  1. Each Hiragana character (showing it's correct stroke order) is included in the left-most square for quick and easy reference!
  2. Square boxes are drawn up to keep your writing practice neat
  3. Square boxes to help you keep track on the number of characters you've written
  4. Print as many copies as you want to practice! There's no limit.
Sample Picture of the worksheet:

Lastly, if you've found this useful, share it with your friends. Let them know how easy it is to practice Hiragana.



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