Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to write in Japanese - With the help of a Hiragana Table

Ok! So here's how to write in Japanese, Hiragana style!
  1. Click here to print out the Hiragana table. (This is IMPORTANT because it shows you the correct strokes in sequence for every Hiragana character. Follow the numbers, and you won't go wrong.)
  2. After printing out the table, it's time to start writing! Start writing from the right column - 'a, i, u, e, o' = 'あいうえお' (Quick tip! Practice one column at a time for more efficient learning. Also, say out the word as you write it. It's an excellent technique to help you memorize better.)
  3. Once you are familar with the first column, continue writing the next column on the left. It's good to revise the previous column before starting a new one.
  4. When you've reached the end of the table, go back to the start and write each column 5 times. For example: あいうえお x 5.
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 till you are able to write all 46 Hiragana characters.

Pretty simple task ya? Since there are 46 Hiragana characters, learn 5 characters each day to complete the table in 10 days!


Latest Update:
Download the Hiragana Worksheet to practice NOW!


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